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She closed the door, picked up her clothes, and tried to make the bed the way she had seen it made before. She laid on the bed for a while, holding the shark, trying to process everything she had been exposed to. She thought about the interactions she had with each of the people in the house, knowing that they were all about to have sex. She thought about her interactions with Lacey specifically, the thoughts lingered as she drifted into a nap. Knocking on the door startled her awake. It was Scarlette, who was showing off shimmery blue nails. "Lacey would like you to wear this bikini under this skirt" she said, handing the clothes to Lexi. "The shirt from last time is in the closet. live sex cams

She was wearing some type of harness on her head; thin straps crossing her face, a ring sitting where her nose meets her forehead connecting the straps together. Her eyes accented with smokey eye shadow, and her mouth which had on red lipstick; were fully visible. Pointy fox ears rose up from the top of the harness. A black, grey, and white fox tail butt plug inserted; her pussy exposed under the tail. She was crawling on her knees and elbows in this manner, seemingly free to move about, apparently more curious about her environment than anything else. She was making dog noises; yapping and growling, and waging her tail every now and then. free sex chat

Lacey was correct to think this might shock Lexi who could not believe what she was looking at. The next thing she saw was Natasha and Scarlette. Natasha had a bar behind her neck that was parallel to the ground, her wrists and neck were attached to the bar forcing her arms into "L" shapes. Her bra was undone and her tank top pulled down exposing her breasts; clamps affixed to her nipples. The nipple clamps were attached to strings which were slightly taught from the tension of holding her skirt up. Her pussy was exposed because her underwear was stuffed into her mouth. Her legs spread, she was leaning with her back against a wall, moving her pelvis to try and gratify herself on a vibrator that Scarlette was taunting her with. live sex chat

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