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  1. Tried it again and things seem to be working altho, first two trips it failed on them both by misclicking/ignoring an obstacle. I'm gunna give it a few more trips and if it continues, ill get a video of it. Idk if its intentionally making mistakes to hide from ban or not? Edit: 3rd trip was a success. Another skript that I can say I love by you!
  2. I purchased this skript and when I hit play, it does nothing. I'm in rogues den. Also I am on mirrored version, fixed camera setting, and also tried in stealth as well. I hit play, click start on the Rogues Den skript and it just goes directly back to needing me to hit play again. Screenshot of error showing in console log: https://prnt.sc/yxp8ca https://prnt.sc/yxpbhz https://prnt.sc/yxpcpy
  3. I've been running your Fishing skript with no issues and loved it! Heavily thinking of purchasing this one. I was curious if I can flawlessly run this for like 48hr intervals without having to look back at it? I had done long intervals with the fishing skript but I know that it can definetly vary. extra info: I run skripts via mirror typically and the accounts I run them on have atleast a year of actual gameplay on them.
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