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  1. I mean when i put it on randomize breaks would it stay near the breaktime i putted in? For example 1 hour breaktime but randomize breaktime on. Would it break for 2 hours? thats what i dont want .. And the point with banning; I tested out that when i am mining coal for example i should never mine more them 30 mins. When i go over that i get banned 80%. So do you think its the script? Or what am i doing wrong? Or maybe not having mirrow mode activated? For example in another client i wouldnt get banned so quick and the only difference is the deviation point.....
  2. My question here is ; Is there a way to randomize the breaks but without going far away from the number i put in as breaking time. That when i put in break after 30 mins for 1 hour it breaks sometimes for 50 mins or 60 mins or 70mins or 80. Hope you got the point there . thx for reading i like osbot a lot but the breaking is one of the main reasons to get banned. Everything else is perfekt!
  3. when i start the script it trys to start but instantly stops. While standing in Draynor Potato Field. So i cant use it pls tell what to do or fix the problem would be very nice!
  4. Perfekt Miner I would like to test it and buy it when it does what i need it to do. Pls give me a trial. Thank you
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