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  1. HunterRS left Positive feedback   

    Did an amazing job for me (gfx), quick, friendly and affordable, would recommand to anyone!

    xarpus was The Seller

  2. Veils left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for selling gold to Veils Gold!

    xarpus was The Seller

  3. mmiicchhaaeell left Positive feedback   

    ty sold me 42m osrs

    xarpus was The Seller

  4. boldcorn74 left Positive feedback   

    Completed multiple quests for him on a couple of accounts. Awesome guy to work with!!!

    xarpus was The Buyer

  5. 194m left Positive feedback   

    Completed a quest service of restless ghost + waterfall + witch's house + priest in peril + nature spirit X2. Was a active customer who consistently responded on discord. A++

    xarpus was The Buyer

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