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  1. I've been searching for answers everywhere and really can't find any besides the "you logged into the wrong account", or "rs3 and osrs are different games". I only play OSRS and I use emails I've used for years and too stubborn to make new ones or use new ones when a good 5 permanent ones are all I feel I need. To add from my previous post, I've also got an IP ban on my home address which I read around is something Jagex also do not do. This is why any account trying to log into the website or game on the home IP are greeted with the "You are not allowed to login" on the main website, and the "Too many logins" on the client. All (except main) are able to login, which includes gf's account, but all deleted and wiped onto tutorial island. I'm in no ways a big botter since I play legitimately 90% of the time since I have people to play with and only do botting on days we're not hanging which is rarely. I've purchased gold only once just last week through Arcus which was a small 10m just to test the water. Can someone please enlighten me? I'm sure this website with goldfarmers and other casual botters may have had similar experiences.
  2. And back onto tutorial island. I tried google if anyone else had this problem and they all say Jagex do not delete accounts. I recently made a post about my accounts a couple days ago. I tried to appeal the ban on the legit 0% botted account days ago and tried logging back in and saw that my accounts were still unable to log in to the main website, and still too many login attempts when logging in through the client. I decided to use a random VPN and I was able to log-in to all accounts again, BUT they're all on tutorial island and completely wiped clean. My girlfriend is with me at the time and she logged in as well (very noob account), but she's on tutorial island too with everything gone. Note that she did not bot once and we play legitimately when together, though I also did give her random armor within my bank (up to mithril) when she leveled up. I have 1 main, 1 pure, 1 skiller, and 2 mules for gold. The main is the only account that I can view still though permaban. Anyone have similar experiences such as this? Gf ain't mad, but I'm mad that they even took her account away that she left alone for months without turning membership subscription off lol.
  3. Update: All 4 accounts have the "too many login attempts" when logging in through the client, and also the you're not allowed/blocked from logging in through the website. At first I thought someone is bruteforce logging into my accounts so I left it alone for about a day. Then the VPN thing came back to mind. I used a VPN and was able to log into all accounts, but all started again on tutorial island. No name, no stats. Even my 0% botted alt and main. I heavily botted on 1 gold account and RWT on the other but not even a total of 100m. Not being able to log into the website and accounts being wiped clean now I can't even dispute or appeal. I'm using a home IP btw and not even a hardcore botter (1-2 hours daily on a single account + the RWT for random stats) It's the fucking weekend too. I love this game though so I seriously only have the option to VPN now right? Fucking can't find any way to contact support like I did in the past through email.
  4. Not even a 2-day ban before permaban this time for a members account that wasn't even botted on once and only bought 40m gold lol I used the same IP as a previous account that I botted on using OSbot that was 2-day banned and then permabanned though since why not Time for a VPN/proxy right? This static IP should be dead now
  5. I see that osbot advertises Arcus Gold, but what do you all buy from and why? (lowest price, best discount, extra perks etc)
  6. Around 400m that was all botted Fucking hell man so it might be a bad idea to touch this money Was aiming for a billion gold in prep for inferno cape by botting Is it safe to buy osrs gold on a temp ban account and avoid botting instead?
  7. From a bot I used back then but seem to be trashed now. Completely my bad, so I'm moving here to OSbot fully. The thing is, I don't mind scrapping this account that got temp ban, but the question is, how do I transfer my wealth on that account to a new one? Also how soon can I bot on a new account here on OSbot to be safe
  8. Just returned to OSRS after my main of 13 years getting banned and want to do a huge jumpstart. Willing to buy up to a billion OSRS gold but this is something I've never done before. I read around to buy in smaller increments, but what exactly is that range? 5-10m at a time, 50-100m? Also is it a good idea to buy on a new account that's not even a week old, or what is your recommended account age? Anything else I should know? Thanks
  9. Bondaddy

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    May I have a trial to your thieving script?
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    May I have a trial? Can only afford one and there's 2 thieving scripts I have my eyes on.
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