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  1. Blame seasonal deadman players
  2. "I think, therefore I am." Shame they can't think themselves into not having a penis.
  3. Aromafab

    NMZ lvler

    5gp/xp either method online 16h a day training
  4. Just an opinion. Exactly what the section is based on.
  5. If it's already trying to open with java, uninstall all versions of java and download Java 8
  6. @Dbuffed I didn't want to come to pointing fingers but god damn that was necessary. Now I don't have to be the only one. In regards to your comment of diann spamming just look at this: almost 700 posts per month, like 20+ posts per day. THIS IS SPAMMING. However the rules aren't mine to make, but god damn i don't think that could be any more unnecessary. It also makes them look like a more reputable vendor or servicer having 3k posts, please don't take this the wrong way, i'm not trying to discredit anybody, I'm sure they're legitimate and hard working.
  7. Obviously there is going to be bias among servicers and people in the market section, however more people benefit from having a restriction on thread count per section than people that don't benefit from it. (brb making a thread for every zulrah account i can make)
  8. Big support, no need to have 3 threads and bump them all at once in one section and when people bump multiple threads at once it's kind of obnoxious and unnecessary. I'm also opposed to bump botting, not everyone has access to it, but this IS a botting site so I guess I can't complain about that.
  9. I can create accounts like this for you if you like, they take like 2 weeks tops to build, since i'm under 100pc I can't sell them to you and I don't have any on hard. Tried to add you on discord but it didn't work. Send me a pm if you're interested.
  10. if you want to change the mouse speed, change: mousemove 0, 75, 0, R to mousemove 0, 75, 5, R do this for every line
  11. Because you changed the coordinates for no reason, to change mouse speed adjust the 3rd value not the 2nd
  12. { 1:: click right mousemove 0, 75, 0, R click left mousemove 0, -75, 0, R return } { 2:: click right mousemove 0, 40, 0, R click left mousemove 0, -40, 0, R return } press 1 to knock out, 2 to pickpocket if you're paranoid about the mouse moving to fast, make the change to every mousemove line eg. "mousemove 0, 75, 0, R" to "mousemove 0, 75, 5, R" also this script must be used with attack options HIDDEN http://prntscr.com/k17zoi while testing this script i noticed that when attempting to knock the dude out, it doesn't always work, as if there's some way jagex have prevented ahk blackjacking. let me know if this happens for you as well.
  13. i should win because im poor @B3NJ noob gl everyone
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