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  1. i get banned for the most bs how are you avoiding bans like this? are you botting on a home ip or proxie?
  2. got banned today for 50m and a decent account
  3. looking for an account with high hp atleast 90+ base 70s meele stats atleast - will go first if trusted
  4. id say 100m max, but ive only bought pures so im not 100% sure, has it got the quests done?
  5. not gna lie thats very impressive
  6. hmm im not going to manually make 1k raw summer pies, how much would it cost me for a private script for you to make? ill msg u now
  7. out of interest, can this script mass- make pies, and then cook them, im on my iron man and i have 1k ingredients for summer pies, can it make the raw version, and then i run the script, and actually cooks it again? or will it straight away cook it?
  8. pooper12

    Stealth Quester

    lol bought this script be4 asking for a trial, hopefully it runs perfectly. enjoy my 20$
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