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  1. just wandering how long has the osbot community been around?
  2. Hi, new around here. been botting for a while now with many different types of bot. but mostly used color & reflection bot last few years. From what I understand you guys using injections? Isn't that very risky to use injection? I have tried using injection bot in past with rsbot/p****bot and ****. Got banned in about month or two. So from what I understand, injection send information directly to the client, isn't that very easy for jagex to detect? Or if someone can explain the concept a bit more clearly to me, and maybe explain what steps are taken beside antibot patterns to protect the users account. Here are few rules i like to follow when i am usually bottling. No more than random_number(X, N) hours, usually not more than 3 hours Bot in world with low amount of players good pings try to not afk so much make sure i edit the script in some ways to make unique to my own (only have done it in pascal/srl)
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