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  1. ecidiuqil left Positive feedback   

    Bought lvls 60-75 attack did it in great time cheap prices will def buy more lvl

    chexy was The Seller

  2. TheRandom left Positive feedback   

    Great service, Fast and easy will use this service more :).

    chexy was The Seller

  3. EvilTwin left Positive feedback   

    got me 70-75 range in no time! awesome servicing :3

    chexy was The Seller

  4. JoshPeeples left Positive feedback   

    Great service, went smoothly as always. will be back.

    chexy was The Seller

  5. Probemas left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a bulk of 07 gold many times, He is legit :)

    chexy was The Buyer

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