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  1. Hey guys it's freshnewbs! Been in the botting scene since around 2008. Was a huge free script user back then and got like 7 99's on one account haha :P Looking to come back now that 2007scape is back up ohh the runescape glory days. I've been studying java since then and developed 2 simple scripts last night! Lol just the same as everyone's first scripts, a powerminer and a chicken killer. (lmao) Summer's coming up and I wanna spend some time scripting in the meantime when I'm not at work. Anyways, what's up! Any big time scripters here with any advice?
  2. lmao made a new project and copy pasted code into it and it worked... weird osbot 2.3.70 came out when I was in the middle of scripting, I'm thinking that it the newer version doesn't get local scripts as well as 2.3.69.
  3. Hey OSBot, I made a simple mining script and was able to export and test it on OSBot. It was working perfectly and I worked on it for a while, fixing bugs and adding some anti-ban. However, one time after making a few tweaks and re-exporting, my local script stopped showing up under the script selector when I tried to start it. Anyone experience this before? I'm going to try adding a new script (.jar) to the Script folder to see if that solves the problem. Thanks EDIT: dropped a downloadable script (SMiner) into the Scripts folder and it appears under script selector. Do
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