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Looking for a Quester! Must be Fast! (Will test you)

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Due to Growth and Multitude of Service Requests, I'm currently looking for (1) Quester!

You'll be purely focusing on Customer Satisfaction through Efficiency, Customer Service Skills & In depth knowledge of quests which will enable to quest at quick time frames!



The requirements to work for me :

You will pay a sum of 20M oldschool RSGP.    (50% refundable)
You must have a clean reputation across other sites
You must not be banned on any other sites
You must be able to use Skype to discuss orders
You must speak English / French
Application form :
Do you agree to my TOS*? :
Do you agree to 2m deposit? :
What is your Skype ? :
Do you have any experience with a service? :
1. You cannot use any form of botting.
2. If you disrespect me or any of the workers you forfeit your deposit.
3. You will never scam in any situation. If you do you forfeit your deposit and will face the consequences. 
​4. Orders always have to go through me. 
5. You must complete any order you take. If not completed you will not be paid for the order and possible get kicked if no valid reason.
6. You are not allowed to take any payment from costumers on your own. 
Think you've got what it takes? Post Skype Below or Add me - ThreeRLegend!
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Could I ask you how many orders you currently take? 


I don't usually pay deposit fees to be apart of services and I honestly don't see why I should have too. 


I have 140+ FB over several sites.


We're taking 3-4 orders a day, at the moment they're quite HOT, I'm talking about 30M + orders which if I had to hire a worker, would be able to give 85% of the order profit to him/her :)


Think about it!

Still looking for a worker!

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