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★Selling Cheap Proxies★Socks5Proxy★5 Proxies for $6/6m OSGP

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Hey everyone! My friend has hooked me up with some proxies and I decided to sell these proxies because proxies are essential to every successful gold farm. Proxies are used to separate your accounts so that Jagex won't chain ban all your accounts on the same IP.




- Proxies come in a package of 5.

- 5 proxies for $6(Only Paypal)/6m OSGP.

- After 30 days, the proxies will automatically shut down.

- You can choose a location for your proxies: USA or Russia.

- Proxies work with all botting clients.

- Proxies can be binded to only 1 IP Address.


Although I may not have a lot of feedback, I am clean throughout all botting websites. Hopefully I can get some good feedback here. smile.png 


Skype: SofaKinKappa





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