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Can't get my original email for a main?

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Hey guys, so i have a main with all sorts of untradeables (void, torso, defender, etc) and good stats (90+).. The only problem is i can't access the original email. Now this is a little bit more tricky than most cases due to the fact that the email used to create the account was a charter email. The email was deleted by charter once we switched providers, and i know you can usually make a new email then have jagex resend an email to reset it, but the problem is i can't make a new email unless i get charter back. Now the plot thickens; the account also has an authenticator on it that is hooked up to my old phone which is broken, which is linked to that email ASWELL. Any ideas on how to get this account back? Thanks!


Also, how much is osgp going for p/m?

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You might be screwed, I think your best bet would be to try and contact them via Twitter or Reddit, that seems to be the only way to get their attention.

aw crap, i can still get online, it's just my old phone is really buggy. i'll have to transfer authy to a new device and hope i never need to recover it. thanks!

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