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muddy pee

Muddy Pee's Firecape service - Get yours now! ( $10 ! )

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Hello everyone. First off I'd like to introduce myself ~ I am 'Muddy pee', just another people, but I have done lots of firecapes on Runescape; and would love to continue doing more once again in hopes of maybe making a bit of spare change while I play this game. I use to do a similar service and it went quite well! so hopefully we can get fired up here again and see how this goes, I hope you guys can give me the benefit of the doubt, considering my freshness to this forum. ( though I have been an active participant in RWT/Botting over the years.






Helm: Robin>Verac's>Archer's helm

Amulet: Fury>Glory

Chest: Black D'hide body

Legs: Verac's skirt/Black D'hide chaps

Boots: Snakeskin

Ring: Archer's/N/A

Hands: Barrows/Dragon gloves>Black Vams

Weapon: Blowpipe>Crystal bow>Karil's bow

Cape slot: Accumulator (God Cloak if karils bow)




Helm: Robin>Mitre

Amulet: Fury/Glory

Chest: Monk robe

Legs: Black D'hide chaps

Feet: Rangers>Boots of lightness

Weapon: Blowpipe>Crystal bow>Karils bow

Hands: Black d'hide vams

Ring: Archer's ring>N/A

Accumulator/God Cloak


Typical Invetory


17 Super Restores

6>7 Saradomin Brews

2>3 Ranging potions

0-(250) Purple sweets


Purple sweets are generally something that is only needed when:


a) You have a 1 defence account, whom takes a lot of extra damage during the 63 waves

b) if you have a low ranging level, more super restores are required. Meaning less Brews in inventory ( Replaced with X # OF Sweets )


Because I am new to this forum, and because trust is needed before I can really become a competitive person on this forum, I will be doing firecapes at a solid rate of $10.00 USD Per Cape






At all times, people requesting just waves 60-63 will be given the service free of charge.






You must create a temporary password during(for) this service

Payment in USD/07 OSRS GP only

You must have your account safe and secured before this service

07 only ( no RS3 )

Do not attempt to login during service








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