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Dispute against Anivia for recovering accounts

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Hey guys! I bought 2 accounts from Anivia about 3 months ago, he was super nice and the deal went smooth.


Both accounts got banned about 1 month ago and I were fine with that. I had already made more than enough money on them.


Today I did my usual "testing bannned accounts" because some accounts, for some reasons only get 2 day bans.


I could not log in to the accounts that I had bought from Anivia.


I do not care about the accounts or the money. I care about the principe. It is just not legit to recover accounts that you sold just because they are banned. Sure, the accounts were banned, but that does not give him the right to recover them. I paid money for them and they are MY accounts, the fact that they are banned does not change the fact that they are still MINE.


As I already mentioned. I do not care about the money or accounts, I just want to warn you guys. He even said "You just made people lost around 5k".


I believe that he is a big risk for this forum.


He might also have been hacked because I dont remember him being a douche last time we spoke. he was super nice and all but now he is being a big douche bag.


I just want him to understand that recovering accounts are wrong. Does not matter if they are banned.




The whole conversation in pictures.



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First off all account was banned for month already he got it banned 2 times i got it unbanned asked him if he want a particial refund he doesnt want one https://gyazo.com/a2fe3255366f3373c4961b0aea730230 https://gyazo.com/cf48ee620adb4521b96194df5553f3d4

i got it unbanned after he got it banned already i did not '' recover the account under his control the account was perma banned



Ok he just sent me a message on skype telling me that he will refund. I will come back and tell you when I got the money.

Thanks for the help Dex.

Alright, please keep me updated.

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