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xDownsall's worker applications

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You will pay a 10m deposit osrs gp.  - If u choose to leave u will get this back

You need to have posetive feedback.

You need to have skype



Application form:


Do you agree my TOS?:

Do you agree to deposit 10m?:

Skype Name?:

Other experience?:




1. You cannot use any form of botting or auto click while working for me.  (Except if other is accepted buy customer)
2. You will never scam in any situation. If you do you lose your deposit and will face the consequences. 
​3. Orders always have to go through me. 
4. You must complete any order you take. If not completed you will not be paid for the order.


5. You are not allowed to take any payment from costumers on your own. Doing so will make you responsible for it and can lead to a kick.
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