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Good job!

The buttons seem a bit supersized though x)

I like the text balloons, how did you manage to do that in Swing?


Thanks man, and yeah the buttons are a tad bit large laugh.png

Basically after the strings are returned from the server back to respective client workers, I have the client pass that string to a "Chat bubble" that extends JPanel, where I am just using graphics to draw the bubble as well as the string, then the chat bubble (Jpanel) is added to a container in the JScrollpane.


Also have 270 char limit, and bubble sizes increase based on char count (so the message doesn't fly off the screen)


Ah a chat is basically the best thing to do when learning networking.

Which I'm assuming you are with that project.

It's a simple concept and not completely useless, motivating enough to go through it.


Webcam is going to be a different story though than a simple chat tongue.png Good luck with that


Yeah webcam capabilities are gonna be a pain, however once the text server + client are made it should make the job slightly easier. I am probably going to wait until summer before I think about any webcam support. We will see! wink.png

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