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Explanation: he suddenly added me in skype and pmed me saying he want to buy rsgp. so I told him I have 35m for sale and that my price is $1.30/m then yeah he accepted. then he tell me to go to world 316 lumbridge. so I told him to send me the money first.he dint want to. then he offer me that we can use a MM I accepted. I pmed @Dbuffed. but he dint reply so I went to look in the MM section and I found @Dieze and I told the other guy to post in Dieze MM thread because @Dbuffed wasn't replying me back. but then he tell me "lets use DBUFFED" like really? I told him his not replying me. but @Dbuffed just reply me back. so I told him yeah lets use Dbuffed for MM. But then he went fully afk O.O. then I told him "nvm bro I pass :)" because Icbfa to get scammed.


so it came to my mind that this guy prob got hacked and maybe his trying to scam since ya know people always go first to LIFE SPONSOR+. can ya please check all his IP and see if there is something wrong before somebody get scammed or something. thank you :).




well I hope am wrong and everything is gucci :D :P

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