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worked for @gardon for 2 weeks ,scammed me


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Scammer's Username: Gardon

Link to Scammer's Osbot Profile: http://osbot.org/forum/user/153211-gardon/

Chat/Discussion Methods: skype

Chat Username(If Applicable)*: osb.gardon for skype

Describe in detail in your words what happened: i have been hired by him from the chat from Advertising other bots isn't allowed. , i paid him 7m and got into business, i done like 40m order for him and it went fine ,  he gave me another order for 30m and after 10% done he takes 3m so thats 27m , i have worked for the order from 0 to 100 , i have done everything in 2 weeks and he told me he will get the 50 range , he told me he wont pay me untill its done , i have got the order done and he refused to pay me cuz of an arguement




he told me to use dbuffed service to get mith gloves done which is what i did and then when i got into an arguement he went to change his real TOS yesterday and told me i broke his TOS and refused to pay me cuz he changed the TOS yesterday cuz of the arguement

Other:  i just want him to pay me the 27m i worked my ass off for 2 weeks , any other evidence im ready to provide , i have done 100% service for the accouns and heres the proof of the customer





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