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Dispute against sysm


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Disputed member: sysm

Thread Link: Sysm AIO Service

Explanation: We agreed that he would train my account 40/65/60 to 70/70/70 and train my wc from 30 to 60.The combat was to be done 2 days ago as I only had membership for 6 days. I asked for a refund and he told me that he will refund me 4500k. He has requested me to post because I disagreed with his refund amount.

The training he has done: he has leveled 27 levels of attack,1 level of strength, and 17 levels of woodcutting. 

The total amount of exp I wanted him to train was 1200k. 40-67 attack is 500k exp.66-67 strength is 40k exp. 30-47 woodcutting is 70k exp. This all adds up to 610k exp. 610/1200 is about 50%. DO NOT FORGET THAT HE WENT OVER BY 2-3 DAYS OF THE MAXIMUM ALLOTTED TIME. This caused me to lose membership. I think I deserve more than about a 1/4 refund as I paid 14m for the combat and 3m for the woodcutting. I also paid 2m for supplies to him.


Proof its him:nGIMhR4.pngProof of payment:

UFbBeZh.pngXHM2WTw.pngProof of work done: 


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@Sysm has completed 50% of the service, but not all experience was valued at the same rate. 


30 to 60 Woodcutting is 257,379 XP. The payment for this service was decided to be 3M according to the skype logs. Making it 11.655 gp/xp

47 to 60 Woodcutting is 198,615 missing XP. This would mean 2,314,857 gp is to refunded for the woodcutting service.


40-70 Attack is 724,264 XP

65-70 Strength is 288,199 XP

60-70 Defence is 463,885 XP 


The total sum of this xp is 1,476,348.


67-70 is 189,674 missing XP

66-70 is 241,373 missing XP

60-70 is 463,885 missing XP 


The total sum of this xp is 894,932


The payout was 14M. Equaling 9.482gp per xp. Meaning that 8,485,745 gp is to be refunded. 


A bond is the purest base for membership so I will be using this for the formula to gp.

A bond currently sits at 2,625,372 according to OSBuddy. When one exchanges a bond for membership they receive 14 days of membership equaling to 187,526 per day. Meaning that 375,052 worth of gp was 'wasted'.



2,314,857 gp for woodcutting.

8,485,745 gp for combat

375,052 gp for bond.


11,175,654 gp in total should be refunded of the 17M.


The 2m in supplies should remain in the account.


As a precautionary measure, I've placed @Sysm under twc and asked him to post here, he has 24 hours to do so.

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Quests done done aswell to access the nmz so guess that means fk all then....


anyway i refund him really dont care for 11m, however i think this is bull my workers did more then that so il just pay them meself. sadly i have to refund him now this amount if i dont wanna be labeled as a "twc scammer". 


2m should stay on the account is bullsht aswell since its been spend on pray pots for nmz. but yea why not make me pay for that aswell :D :D

il just refund him 13m then i guess... completely disagree but mod's word is final i guess. il post a screenshots up soon and like to see my twc get removed. 





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If he paid for quests and you did them then you should post the evidence. 


The 2m is his 2m. The remaining supplies for the service that clearly was getting nowhere near done in the requested time frame as you've already past the date by 2 days and you're just making it halfway . Nowhere did I say you have to refund the supplies.


Twc will be removed when you refund. 

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