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Dispute Lacoste for ban evasion on sythe.


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hey guys, i just wanted to say that i was wondering if its possible to appeal bans on osbot? 




I am writing to let you know that if it is possible to appeal that i was a long and trustable member of osbot with lifetime sponsor and over $150 in scripts i owned. I was always helpfull to other members and got on with everyone i knew no one really had anything against me. 

I was hoping if maldesto could have a look i haveve pmed him on skype to i was hoping to become a 250 dollar donor before i got banned to. i gave everything to osbot after i learned my lesson from sythe years ago. When the actual report was done i did several large trades but still did not scam anyone we all make mistakes in the past i hope i can be overlooked. thanks for reading. 

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