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Selling Starter Range Account [76 Range w/low HP]!


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Contact: Please add my Skype "kylestovallnoob", and we can arrange a deal there as well. Other than that please just post your offer below with a way in which I can contact you (preferably Skype).


1. Account Stats -






2. Login details -




3. There will only be about 100k of items on the account.


4. No quests have been completed.


5. Price you still start the bidding at: 10m


6. Price of auto-win: 15m


7. Payment methods I am accepting: 2007 Gold only


8. You will be going first, or a MM will be required (unless you are above my feedback level).


9. Account Status:




10. I am the original owner, and no email has been registered on the account thus far. smile.png

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