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How to break mid webWalk?


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After  fiddling around with the api I finally got my bot to do everything he needs to, I just wonder if there is a way to run a loop during the web walk that I could run my own anti ban or if there was a better way to just afk mid walk.

if (!getInventory().isFull() && !mineArea.contains(myPlayer()) && !getBank().isOpen() ) {
			state = "Walking to Mining spots.";

When the bot is navigating it follows the road in alkharid and the same line in the dessert everytime. 

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There are no obstacles in the way, I just want it to afk randomly at least. I'm not really sure how to correctly implement WebWalkEvent either.

I think something like this would work:


Position dst = new Position(0,0,0);
INodeRouteFinder nrf = INodeRouteFinder.threadSafeWrapper(INodeRouteFinder.createAdvanced());
WebWalkEvent e = new WebWalkEvent(nrf, dst);
e.setBreakCondition(new Condition() {
     public boolean evaluate() {
          return random(100) == 1;

boolean success = execute(e).hasFinished();
if(!success) {
    // Couldn't walk to dst or we breaked

You can either add a sleep in the evaluate of the break condition or if success = false

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