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Hey guys,


My name is James I currently go to School for Computer Science and am looking to get into this scene. I have a'lot of coding experience but mostly in C# , C++(WoW Emulaton). I am trying to see if this community is in need of good Script writers still as I see alot of good on this forum already. I feel like this community has alot of the Scripts already on Lock for EX Czar Magic. It would be silly to make another magic script, at least how I see it. I enjoy coding but was kinda looking for input as learning this API will be a time commitment but it would be fun. Although like I said I feel like a lot of the scripts are already done!

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If you have a lot of programming experience in C# you will not find the move to Java difficult at all. They are similar languages.


There are still gaps in the selection of scripts that you can fill, and shitty scripts that can be improved. The API does not take a huge time commitment to understand, and there are tutorials out there to help you.


It's really up to you if it is worth it :)

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