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selling perfect starter pure 10hp!


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im currently selling this beaut of an account for 07gp only!! the account hasnt been botted for 7days+ the account has 0 bans/mutes no offences on the account the account is a Very good starter account as you can turn it into any kind of account you want as its 10hp with high stats at such a low level its currently 50 combat with the stats down below ive recently been alching at the grand exchange bragging about its 99skillcape with 50combat haha alot of people have been complementing the account the only dwarf the account has is dwarf cannon and the halloween event I Am The Original/Previous Owners of the account and original email set for the account if theres anything else you would like to know about the account feel free to ask apart from that OFFER AWAY!!!! xD xx

f1e89731ae.pngauto win for the account!::: 100m


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