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Suck at Jad? Don't be sad. Be a lad; Pay me a tad, and you’ll be glad you had.

I only do 43+ prayer capes for now; might think about 37/40 prayer capes in the future.
**Search Saranovic's Fire Capes on Google & PM me on those sites and I'll be happy to confirm that this is me.
My Skype: SaranovicSkype (Click link to add directly)


Payment can be left in inventory (or sent in fg) as one of the potions, and I can provide that missing potion
Usual Inventory:
50-200 Purple sweets (Depending on def/agility level)
7 Saradomin Brew (4)
3 Ranging Potion (4)
17 Super Restore (4)**
**For a Pure's Blowpipe Fire cape, I will need a karils crossbow as well as 200 bolt racks equipped
Weapon: Blowpipe with addy darts > Karil's Crossbow with 3k bolt racks > Rune Crossbow with Diamond bolts (e)
Shield: Book/Kiteshield/no shield
Helmet: Void > Serpentine Helm > Verac's Helmet > any Mitre (pure)
Body: Void > Karil's Leathertop > Black D'hide body > Monk's robe (pure)
Legs: Void > Verac's Plateskirt > Rune platelegs > Black D'hide chaps (pure)
Boots: Pegasian > Ranger > Holy Sandals > Snakeskin
Gloves: Void > Best RFD Gloves (Addy+)  > Black dhide vambs >Combat Bracelet
Cape: Ava's > God cloak
Ring: Archers Ring > Ring of Recoil > no ring
Note: I can give you a specific gear list in PM if you'd like.
My usual business hours:
Saturday/Sunday: 10am-noon -> midnight
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 2pm ->midnight
Thursday: 3:30pm -> midnight
Tuesday: 8pm->midnight
You are responsible for having read everything on this first thread post.
Order Form: 
Range level:
Def level:
Prayer level:
Hitpoints level:
What xp do you NOT want me to get(if any - cannot be ranged or hitpoints, lol.):
Have you added my Skype(Saranovicskype)?:
      If not, have you PM'd on Jsp?:
Do you agree to the Terms of Service?:
Will you vouch?:
Also, if you agree to the Terms of Service, after your order, I will have changed your F-keys to this:
Proof of Service:
Pure's Cape:


Saravonic was/is unbelievably professional. Their response was immediate. All hope was lost on getting a fire cape for my pure (thanks healers) until I made a desperate attempt to find someone I could actually trust to do it for me. THANK GOD I CHOSE SARAVONIC! Before I knew it, I receieved a confirmation message telling me it was completed. Fire Cape obtained at level 59 combat w/ 1 defense, 77 range, 65 HP, & 44 prayer. Thank you for your services!
Level 54 (start) -> 55's Cape:

Ask me for further proof of service. There's plenty to choose from. smile.png


And yes, this is the exact same thread I've posted on other sites. Again, PM me on those sites to ensure this is me!


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