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Zedd Lad


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hey dude gotta start somewhere, might be basic but at least its clean, I hate seeing kids whip some random crap on paint and be like "yo check da sig i jst made in ms paint br0"


CC: The quality assistance text is a bit fuzzy, too sharp if you use photoshop set the text to smooth.

Another thing you could add, would be a nice 3px border around it.


Tho the little touch of light you gave on the main text is nice!


Can I ask what program you used? 


I would def recommend downloading Gimp to start, or torrent photoshop and check out tutorials but not bad man 5/10 imo cause your new, if you tried a few tutorials with photoshop you could easily make it a solid 7.5-8/10 with added improvments in a week





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