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Chance of being banned


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After the patch on afk nmz and splashing it's now impossible to afk for 6 hours and gain xp legitimately without interacting with the client. If you open up a gary's hood auto-typer and have it type at least once in 20 minutes this can loophole the system because the typer counts as interacting with the client.


My question is what do you think the chance of being banned on my main while doing this for approximately 12-18h per day. Also would it fall under macroing minor if caught? Insight/comments would be appreciated.

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Not sure if they actually ban for typers... I mean, it was "Illegal" for many years but jagex somewhat just didn't do shit about it.


Anyways, I think that you won't be able to stay online with just typing, I think you'll need to click.. I'm not sure on that.

No, the auto-typer works i can confirm that 100% because i've been doing it all day now. I just wanted to know what my odds of being perm banned vs 2 day banned vs muted were.

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