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New To Goldfarming /// Help/Advice?


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Hi guys, now let me just say im NOT new to botting, i have being doing it ever since 2005 however i have never made a gold farm. Due to having some extra cash laying around im wanting to invest it into making a small farm to start with, possibly 5 accounts or so. 


I am interested in Farming  the Blast Furnace however im unsure how i can go about getting my starting accounts as im so lazy i cba creating 5 accounts, therefore im aware that people provide services for such things however i dont know who.


So what im wanting to do?


Im in the market to purchase 5 accounts ready for BF.


(Some info i need) - Do they have membership already on them?, so i can just crack on with botting BF>


Whats a good amount of £ (GBP) to invest on the 5 accounts + some OSRS GP so i can buy resources to use for botting.


Im well aware of premium srcipts + VIP however im not going to buy them til i get my accounts set up but i shall buy said scripts + Vip when im ready to farm.


Can you buy BF Ready accounts with OSRS GP? // If so how much? + Do they have Membership?


Also what im after is just general tips and help in how to set-up a farm // How much its going to cost me // What the best ways are in terms of efficiency and decreasing the chance of getting a ban // what do i do with the gp profits made on each bot account / Do i transfer it to a mule etc / Where do i sell my GP inorder to get a profit IRL.


This farm will be subject to Botting the BF however not limited too bf, therefore if anyone knows of other good money making guides  that i can bot with around 5 accounts that would be great, i know some methods are kept private therefore i am willing to purchase scripts if thats the case however non private ones are welcomed biggrin.png



Any advice is highly appreciated and i look forward to botting soon smile.png

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