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Ziiz ~ Road to Dream Pure


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Hello Guys : ) 


I just make this topic for the motivation,

And see how long it going take with my school and work to get a dream pure,


I dont have a big special layout just screens to show my progress,

The stats what i want is 

81/99 Str

60/60 Attack 

82/94 Mage

81/99 Range
50/52 Prayer



The Sub items what i need


Crystal Bow


Salve Amulet

Bear head

Mithril Gloves




Tips are welcome like I hear what skill I have to train for example to make money with it,

what I want to do is focus on my Slayer 




Today is not a good day Working tongue.png



Afking at Elder Chaos druid for Strenght xp 

Later on the day i will train Range



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