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Best 6 hour Bandits AFK method,


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Posting this as it was requested on my AFK to max thread found HERE

(by @x3li here you go mate)

There are 2 seperate methods here, one requires just a regen brace and  22+ prayer

the other requires a SGS


Without the SGS you can afk anywhere from 17 mins to 68 mins depending on your prayer level.









Sara godsword at bandits with Regen bracelet+ rapid heal on... 

auto clicker on spec every 160 seconds


I need a 100% afk method so i can leave my pc on while i work..


Nightmarezone is not AFK enough at under 70 def




method Explained 



Regen bracelet increases the amount healed over time from 1HP to 2HP


rapid heal cuts the heal time from 60 seconds to 30 seconds


and rapid heal take very little prayer (at 43 you can last 17.3 mins with +8 prayer bonus)



heal 4HP every 60 seconds and get a SGS spec for extra heals and prayer points





Bandits seem to hit a max of 15 per min at 50 def







To test this i created a account and afked to 50 50 50 at rock crabs 


That took 2 days.


Then i afked at bandits with my new method for around 20 hours (5 per day)








and i got a dragon defender 






Anyway... after 75 attack i think i can make it afk for 24/7 without any effort. (with 6 hour resets)

So then i will start 24/7ing... should be maxed in 2 weeks


Will post updates






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Ahhh, This is not a method for 1 def tongue.png

if you are 1 def and under 6 str this method works on cave bugs, you can not hit enough to kill them and the regen  heals enough to keep you alive


meaning you can afk for like 15k attack xp every 6 hours


good method for staff of the dead pures 

or defence tanks 


but sadly no long afk for normal pures. 

rock crabs on waterbirth works for 6-8 mins afk but nothing much longer

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