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Dispute agaisnt Loadhin (ban evader and scammer)


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before I go into the rest of the dispute,

here is solid proof that this member is a ban evader:

also, for any mods, I am sorry if any logos of other bot forums appear in my screenshots, I would appreciate if you could colour over them or something.






Disputed member:
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Chat Username(If Applicable)*:

User has scammed me for 2m and 2 bonds, and then deadded me. I thought he had gotten away with it, as it happened ages ago, but because he is stupid he let me find his botting account so I will be taking action.

He also threatens to ddos me, what a joke. Careful by the way, he even blatantly said to me that he will buy buying a new membership, so hopefully you can ip ban him tongue.png

if you dont want to go through the whole album, what basically happens is I gave him a bond at the start, then went to sell 22m of 07 for bitcoin. We decided to do it in 2m intervals. I trade him 2m first. He sends the bitcoin to a friends bitcoin address or another one of his own, then claims that "it didn't send properly". He then says he will pay me back, but his mule is F2P, so he asks for another bond, and that he will pay back instantly once he sells his Chins. I agree and give him the bond, and then he logs out and deadds me. 


I thought he was going to get away, but he made the dumb move of catching my attention again, and after a bit of searching I found all of his botting forum accounts, hence why I am disputing him here. I think a ban is in order here for blatantly scamming and then threats etc.



him accepting for a 2m trade




claiming he sent it to me, but he sent it to a friend/second bitcoin address






him saying that it took from his wallet, also admitting he already owed me a bond:








still pretends he sent it:







he then claims he'll pay me back for the bond and the 2m but his mule is in f2p, so he asks me for a bond





he then logs with the bond aswell


He has also made ddos threats to me, see here:


This is proof this is his account:
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