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I need an adult!

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Hey there,


So I have this issue that I cannot seem to resolve, and would greatly appreciate it if someone knows how to correct it!


I have this TV monitor.. it's a SHARP 32" LCD screen w/ HDMI. Anyways, way long ago when I first purchased my computer and screen, the resolution was set perfect and everything was crystal clear. Well, that's not the case anymore. All of the text looks extremely fuzzy, and after days of research on Google, I came to no conclusion. So! I'm turning to you guys, perhaps one of you tech wizards can assist me in fixing this. I just want my clear screen back.


I have sat there and tried to mess with the clear type settings, and resolution settings. It didn't work. I also did some research on the monitor and played around with the settings, but that did not help either.


Anyone willing to get on TeamViewer/Skype and help me fix this? It's been like this for weeks and it really hurts my eyes.

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