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Getting stuck on "Auto Login" v1.054

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Some of my bots world hop and a few times now they have gotten stuck on the Auto Login process.


The screen is red with the (Auto Login) up in the top left corner.


Pausing the script, logging in manually and then hitting play again, will only make the bot do it's task up to the point it has to log out which it will then just stand there. Even when logged in-game, the screen is still red with the (Auto Login) on screen. Stopping the script completely and then running it again does not fix it, at least for me my bot's world hopping counter on the paint will just start to skyrocket and nothing else.


Ther are no errors in the consle. I'm using mirror 1.054 and client .65





Even with the script stopped completely, it still has the (Auto login) on screen:


If I want everything to run properly again, I basically have to close both the RS and OSbot client and re-open them. This is happening quite frequently and is extremely annoying.



Edit June 21st: This isn't a problem when it comes to world hopping anymore because you can now use the in-game world switcher so your accounts don't have to go to the actual login screen. Although if some sort of disconnection happens and you get booted to the login screen or for the people that use the break settings, this problem still occurs and I'm still seeing people posting about getting stuck upon logging in.

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Do you have your account info saved in  the settings or what?


Do you honestly think I'm that retarded? I've been here since 2013, do you think I wouldn't have my accounts login information saved in the OSbot settings?


Besides, that has nothing to do with it. It's a bug with the clients login handler.

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I don't seem to get this :/

i like your picture tough biggrin.png




Basically I have bots that use world hopping and they run on mirror mode. They will get to the login screen but instead of typing in the login details, it just get's stuck. The "Auto login" will always be on screen regardless if you stop the script, or log in game manually and hit play again. If it happens at all, the only way to get the script to work properly again is to close the client completely and load everything back up again, RS clients + OSbot clients cause it's on mirror mode.


This bug mixed in with this http://osbot.org/forum/topic/72119-connection-error/#entry799669 means I cannot run my bots unless I sit at my computer all day long. If my computer is left unattended, within 20 minuets most if not all of my bots will either get stuck on the login screen or the script will have stopped because of the connection error. This has been going on for 10 days now and I want to kill myself. I'm making shit money because of this and if I want to make any money at all, I have to sit at my computer for 12 hours a day and check up on my clients every 5-10 minuets. I'm not exaggerating about any of this either. 

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Can confirm.

Pretty much the same problem for me. Wasted a couple of days of VIP and of a script due to this. I turned off all breaking which didn't treat me well; received a ban on my skiller. Until now I'm pretty much at the BEP. No gains, no loss.

I really like the idea of the mirror client, but until now there are several problems that need to be fixed.


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