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How to get rid of recovery options on a yahoo account?

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i go into my recovery options and i see both of my numbers and my recovery emails and that's all good and dandy but there are two on there that i cant get rid of, i've been recovering this account back and forth for ages and literally yahoo isnt doing shit about it, ill call their customer support and it always ends up with them hanging up on me (i've tried 4 times today) i proved it was my account and reset the password today but yet, the two options that are not mine are still on there. The hacker already moved the account to a differant email so i just messaged jagex support proving it was my account (waiting for them to respond) has anyone had this problem? i've googled it but i cant find anything on it :/ 

when i said moved the account to a different email i mean the rs account 

oh well wopti fucking doo, i just got an email that my password was reset and two step verification was removed. Bye Bye base 80 combat stat main, this time for fucking ever

14 mins, it took him 14 mins to recover the account again

it's too late, forget it

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