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My first $100 (Hopefully)

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So have decided to begin my own little bot farm too see if i can make some moniezz off rs! got a few accounts that i am starting with about 5  all doing different things all on different proxies!   i think what i am doing isn't great as it has taken me awhile to get some of the accounts to where i need them (others i had made) but hey with time ill get more knowledge and it will all become easier :) hahaa


My first goal is to make $100   if i can get to that ill purchase a vps and try and make it to $500! :)


feel free to chuck me any tips if you feel the need to


ill update the thread weekly 






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so got back from my tropical holiday to find 2 other accounts got banned so back to the drawing board with my methods see if i cant pick it up


on the bright side my account going for 99/99/99 is almost able to afk NMZ  yay


Are you using the standard client?

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