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Selling Legendary Eagle Master CSGO account

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I don't have much time to devote to CSGO atm so I'll might as well sell my smurf account and rank up a new one when I'll be able to play more.


It's ranked LEM with 52 wins atm, recently downranked from Supreme so getting it back up shouldn't be too hard (if you got the skill). It has a few worthless skins and 10 cases but you won't be able to trade until you buy something through the Steam store with your CC.


It has not been cheated on so you don't have to worry about VAC bans. I can refund you fully if it gets banned provided you have not played on itAs soon as you launch the game yourself, I won't be refunding you whatever happens (since you could cheat on it yourself).




Offer 07 RSGP. I might consider PayPal too. Post here or PM me, thanks.

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This looks like it was cheated on. Nobody smurfs an account up to LEM unless you are a Global; and the Global players are pretty well known in the community. With that said, either advertise this account as cheated or contact me on steam with a minimum of SMFC account. I'll leave my private messenger open on the forums.


Source: I've been an LE/LEM.

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