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Over this summer semester, I have to build a website using wordpress.

It will go online later on and should be something useful and serious.


However, I have to choose a topic over the easter holidays and I would

like to hear if you guys have any nice ideas ?


What I study (Digital Business Management).

- It can be totally off topic too! It has to be something serious though. Maybe something where some cash is in? (Does not have to be much at all, just to show that the possibilities are there)


It can be either everything in German or English, I for myself would prefer english. (Everything online should be english in my opinion).


Well, so if you have any nice ideas about what the homepage should be comment below :)


- Do not troll on this thread!


Thanks <3


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Although the idea of making cash by making a blog about something profitable sounds enticing, I honestly think (even though this sounds really corny) that you should just make a blog about something you like. After all, if you really like doing something, you will want to put more effort into doing it right. This leads to higher quality posts, and high quality posts can make a high quality blog.


But regardless, I'm a real sucker for philology and etymology, so why not write about some fun linguistic nuances in English and German or something. Like, for example, why do the words 'knot' and 'knave' have a weird ass silent 'k'? Maybe something about declension in German and how it affects sentences.


I dunno, nerdgasm over, but seriously, I'd strongly recommend writing about something you would have fun doing.

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