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Am i able to bot again?


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This question may be answered before ,but ill ask.

So i got banned for botting a lot. And i didnt even expected to get in unbanned , when suddenly they did unban me without writing any of appeals. Now my ban meter on account is on his half way. I havent played like for few weeks since ban and im wondering if i can try to bot again or better not?

I mean, before that ban, i was botting like crazy, 20hours and more. And i wonder if they catch me easier now or not? I mean do they allready flagged my account and even if i bot for like 3-5hrs max day now they still will catch me very fast?

Thanks for answers!

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Okay, let's start.


As an account gotten banned for macoring. People, instantly say that your account is flagged, which isn't right.

The fact, that is your IP under flag. Which means, when a moderator bans your account, he demands your ip and once you are banned on that ip, Jagex take your ip under the control and the look. They do spy on the IP that gotten banned, and see if any account that's running on it is being botted. And if so, they ban it instantly. 


I saw people saying, once you get banned, the chance of being banned again is bigger. That's incorrect.

When you get banned, and you change your IP, the chance of getting busted is the same chance that you gotten busted before.

However. By then, your account will be permanently banned.


What jagex does. Is, receive the ips that gotten cough by moderators and take them under their look, to make sure they clear more botters from the game.

Why jagex ban people 2 days?, they see the player is enough active, and have played enough of time, which spent effort on. And they give him a chance to fix what he has done.

As for the first accounts, they ban it instantly because they see that account is a completely cheat for them. And they never give a chance on it.



As for botting on different IP, you can also risk your account (Same as the risk you risked before).

I would suggest, if you care about the account, don't take the risk on it.


Hope I helped,

Best of luck!



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Full :s Not big deal if I'm banned, I can start a new account. Just wondering if there's any chance they'll even read the appeal.

As your ban meter is full.

Jagex do ignore your appeal, because they take the situation enough serious.


If your account has been permanently banned for macro use, gold farming, account hijacking, real world trading or any other reason, it means that we deem the rule-breaking serious enough to remove the account from RuneScape forever. We do not process appeals, tickets or emails about these type of bans.


I hope you got your ansewr!!

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