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whats mirror mode?


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Mirror mode allows you to bot through the web client of rs07 as opposed to through the bot itself. This allows you to bypass client detection software and in turn only be banned on the basis of bot-like patterns of actions. So far, it's still being tested but from what's been experienced many users appear to be satisfied with the mirror mode due to their ability to bot much longer without bans(not impossible to be banned just far less likely). Mirror mode is also only available to VIP+ members at the moment.


Standard mode on the other hand is just botting through the OSBot client no frills.


also wrong section will be moved now.

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thanks and sorry didnt know where it went and how much is VIP ?

VIP is $10 and can be renewed every month for $10.

There's sponsor which is basically VIP but last for 6 months and is $50 as opposed to $60 plus it allows you other features VIP doesn't(more info found in the Forum Ranks page). Lifetime sponsor is also an option which is arguably the most cost effective of all the VIP+ modes assuming you stay for more than a year.

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