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Eye Focused Eyes Music Goldmine! [1 Album/Mixtep Every 3Days!]


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Here is where I will be slowly releasing my favorite albums/mixtapes! I have been producing as a hobby for about a year now and have always been interested in discovering music! I listen to about 6-10 hours of music a day!


Music is a way for me to set moods, learn, and enhance my well-being etc!


What do you use music for! Let me know below biggrin.png


"What music do I listen to?"


You'll have to stay tuned to find out QwPha8E.png My taste in sound shifts and morphs everyday. I enjoy Hip-Hop a lot because the samples give me a taste of other music. Plus I love a good lyricist! I also love music the can portray emotions using only instruments! I believe music is a journey of never ending obsessions of emotions! 



Since today is 3/11 I'll start it off with 311! SUBMISSION 1


Artist: 311


Album: Universal Pulse/All


This album takes me on a journey every time I listen to it. I mainly uses it when I feel like I am being excessively judgmental towards myself or others! 3/11 drops many great words of wisdom in a pleasing matter that makes me excited to live! This album along with their other ones has turned my life around for the best!


Why I like this band!


They stick to guitar and drums but they sounds they create give me a nice edgy sound that builds me up!


Hope You Guys Enjoyed!


Recommend to play on Spotify Premium for the best quality! Also if you want to follow me on Spotify drop a post or pm me!


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