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[C# Tool Release] Emu's Legit Alcher


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Hi Guys,


This is a small coordinate based Alcher I made in C#. I use it mostly when questing or running around RS to make Alching a ton easier and thought it would be cool to share it. It uses F6 to open the magic tab by default but you can chose to open it with the mouse in the UI. 


How to use:

1. Open the exe

2. Click 'Set Magic Tab'

3. Move mouse to the center of the magic tab and wait

4. Press Shift!


Video of how to use it:



Virus Scan: (Note: the program will never attempt to access the internet)






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Wow, this looks amazing, I never thought of something like this! When you say it is coordinate based, does that mean it hits the same spot every single time? or is it slightly randomised?


Imma definitely give this a go when on farming runs/questing easy quests! When doing things like that I'm always thinking about the xp loss I'm gaining in other skills but now it wont be wasted as I can gain magic xp!

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