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Haven't botted or even logged on my main in 5 months

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I am curious if it's safe to keep all my stuff from my mule account on my main now.

Here's the problem, I am having a tough time raising enough funds to have membership for the next 3 months on my main and my mule with all ingame wealth.

It doesn't matter what happens after the 3 months since by then I will have enough IRL money to play to my hearts content, but for now, I am really constrained with my LSAT studying, and absolutely no IRL funds can be used for my game stuff.

So my question is given, I haven't botted on my main in five months, let alone logged on in five months, and I probably can't raise enough funds to get five bonds for each; would it be safe to keep all my stuff on the main or can I still expect to be banned in the future based on past botting?

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