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Melled Super amazing alch guide

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Hello and welcome to my first ever guide.


I hear so many people asking "what are you alching" or "how do I alch to not loose profit".


Well unfortunately there is a short and simple answer: You cant, well unless you do other things to help your cash stack taking a dive.


First method: Buy all nature runes and all alchable materials. This is the most expensive method.

Second method: Choose a skill that will provide a huge amount of materials, such as crafting or fletching, even mining and smithing.

Third method: Craft your own nature runes.

Fourth method: Develop a skill you can pump cash back into your stack, such as killing druids and herblore.


First method: Not much to say about the first method, pretty stupid but if time is not you cup of tea, then this is the way to do it.


Second method: Now this all boils down to what skill you want as a high level, but also what you are going to do in the skill.

First off fletching, if your planning on cutting your own logs, consider you will need the wc level as well. So your one skill has turned into two skills. However you can buy your own logs. You also need bow strings to complete the bow.

The bad thing with fletching is, you will need a high level to produce an alchable bow (yew).


Right now yew logs are 450 gp ea,

Bow strings are 130 gp ea,

Thats 580 gp for 1 yew longbow.

Plus the cost of the nature rune 220 gp


Thats 800 for a completed Yew longbow. It alchs for 768. So we loose 32 gp each alch. This is VERY fair only 32k per 1k alchs.

So thats buying all materials and making them ourselves. I f you wanted to gather the materials yourselves just subtract the cost form the final alch price. Most people would choose to get their own flax and make bowstrings.


Lets take a look at magic longbows


Right now magic logs are 1280 gp ea,

Bow strings are 130 gp ea,

Thats 1410 gp for 1 magic longbow.

Plus the cost of the nature rune 220gp


Thats 1630 for a magic longbow not as good as the yew longbow we loose quite a bit more. It alchs for 1536, so we loose 94 per alch.

94k for 1k alchs.


So thats fletching remember if you decide to choose this method you will need at least high 70s in fletch to start making decent bows to alch.


Another skill that is good with alching is actually crafting. (my preferd)


Crafting is a good skill overall, giving you the ability to make dragonhide armour, either to alch or to sell, battlestaffs wich are awesome to alch in low numbers, and loads of different types of rings and amulets.


What to alch with crafting you say? Gold braclets of course! They are also super low level to make, and quicker than fletching.

When you have a high crafting level it easy to re-make your losses with alching. Example.


1 gold bar is 180 gp ea

Nature rune 220 gp ea

Thats 400 gp ea

Gold bracelets alch for 330 gp so we loose 70gp per alch 70k per 1k alchs.


But if you have a high craft level you can make battlestaffs, to pump cash back into the stack.

Or even obtain dragonhides to craft vambraces to alch.


1 battlestaff is 7k

Make your own orbs and charge them (you gain magic exp to)

Orbed battlestaffs alch for 9300 each giving you about 2k profit per alch, do this 100 times per 1k alchs and you make about 150k profit!!


Ask yourselfs the question, Do I want 80 fletching or 80 crafting?


If you choose to do crafting, a usefull quest to do is Hand in the sand, it allows you to get 80 buckets of sand deliverd to your bank each day. (Very helpfull for battlestaffs). Also to obtain seaweed, go to catherby and trade with the charter members there. They stock both seaweed and soda ashes.


If you choose to fletch a good a bank to do it at is pest controll with no randoms.

Also allways be sourcing your next load of logs/bowstrings while making them its faster that way.


Third method, crafting your own nature runes. I dont know many people who do this, other than for exp. However it is possable, but I would not reccomend for high amounts of nature runes.


Fourth method, Just getting cash to restock your stack, could be loads of different things, dragon bones/hides, herbs (ranarrs) or just killing monsters for drops. Some good ones include:


Flesh crawlers, herbs, half keys, noted iron ore, gems, nature runes, massice amounts of fire runes.

Chaos druids, Lots of herbs, secondary ingrediants (snape grass), mithril bolts, laws runes, good amounts of air runes.

Ankous, Blood and death runes in the 100s per run, pure essance, adamant arrows, laws, herbs, they drop food to =)


More helfull info:

Dont use osbot for macroing alching, use an auto clicker in pest controll bank,

windows: Autoclick by garys hood.

Linux: Automouseclick by murguu.

Mac, Isnt this UNIX based?? ^^


For crafinting a good furnace is the ectofile place (town) best in game.

Allways plenty of gold bars on zybezz, people use gold ore to train their smithing.

Somtimes its hard to get both logs and bowstrings at the same time, making you *jobless* untill you can buy more.


Let me know what you think if you bother to read this,

Thanks, Melled.


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