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Looking for a GFX artist

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I'm looking for someone to do some GFX work (script paints, script logos, script layouts, signature).

Looking for a longtime partnership. You will of course be payed for your work.


What style am I looking for?


I prefer plain and classy stuff over glossy 3D transformers stuff. 


I prefer minimalist and clever design over bombastic cluttered chaos.


All design MUST contain the Futura bold font.


I love strategic symbolism.


I prefer sharp edges over curvy ones.


I want clear design that communicates a message clearly.


I don't mind (and might even encourage) ambiguity as long as it's done in a clever way.




Post or PM me:


- Your portfolio.


- Your rates, if you prefer to not share them that's cool, but if multiple artists are considered equally suited for the job I will prioritize those who sent their prices.


- A project that reflects your vision of my style, preferably one you created specifically for this application.


Do not bother asking me how much I'd be willing to pay, I will not even consider talking about that until I'm 99% sure you are the person for the job. 




Edit: will check for grammatical mistakes tomorrow, it's late tongue.png

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