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Whatsup from New Zealand

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Hey OSBot!


I'm Brian, from New Zealand.


I've been playing RS since... 04? and bailed out in 2011 after "The Mrs" came along, I'm sure a lot of you know the story.


I'm not usually a huge Forum-er, but this community has inspired me to get a little more active.


I'm a father of my 1 year old son, and everything's going great in my life right now, I even have a little bit of free time to do some gaming.


Feel free to add me on Skype - Brian2002000



My laptop died without warning last night while poisoned with my entire bank on me, so foolishly set an Ess Mining script and got Perm Banned... a bit self destructive there.


I'm planning to put my RS3 account up for trade for an 07 account once I reach 100 posts - feel free to PM/Skype me about it (Maxed, 2275 total level).



I'm a very friendly guy, and also work as an Internet Technician, if you have any internet issues and can't stand to call your ISP (like me) - give me a PM and I'll give you some troubleshooting advice.

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