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Granite Maul pure advice.

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Okay I would like to know everyones thoughts on what I should do here. My current stats are as follows.

80-84 range

88 strength

50 attack

75-82 mage

31 pray

80 hp

I usually pk in pvp worlds and can three hit most people a few combat levels below me. I'm 68 combat. Should I get smite? It would higher my combat to 71, but i could get 90 strength and 52 prayer and be 72  combat. Any ideas?

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Guys just warning you to stop your bots! I just got banned and there is a system update in an hour which will 'nuke' bots!
Mod MMG Quote:
"Any players not logging in via HTML5 will be automatically monitored by our bot detection software we implemented on 10/04/2014, any players caught using illegitimate clients will be permanently banned"


including orion?

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