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My guide to free gaming cards

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Hi, Im going to tell you how i get free runescape membership. I went on alot of sites as i heard you could get free membership. However this one is free, very fast (2-3 days) for $5 ultimate gamer card(faster if in U.S.A).

Step 1. Click my signature or follow this link http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=5512447 and sign up.


Step 2. getpoints.png

Click get points and then complete daily and external offers to get points awarded. (More offers tend to be for people in U.S.A). Complete offers is the fastest way to earn at least 200 points daily( thats nearly half way to $5 ultimate gamer card). You can watch videos, refer friends, enter competitions and complete surveys among other ways to get points.




Step 3. Once you are familiar with the website, and with the fastest ways to get your points you can now claim a prize!!!. Namely the $5 UGC for runescape membership for 500 points. Go to prizes->shop prizes and browse hundreds of cards for most games and websites like amazon, e bay, clothes shops and more. Once chosen click claim.

Step 4. prizerebelpastprizes-1.png

As you can see here i have collected 2 so far. It takes 2-3 working days to recieve the code(until your member status goes to silver) in which the code processes immediately, you then visit the runescape website and redeem the code as you would a UGC.

Any help you need post here, its aimed at poor people who cant afford runescape or need a lift off and an alternative to begging your parents to use their card. Hope it helps.

p.s Heres a testimonials screenie showing games, laptops, cards, phones, all available at prizerebel.



Please post on here to show your support and let everyone know your getting your free memberships

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