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AIO Rouges Den Cooker

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This is my AIO den cooker. it's still in early stages but i'd thought i'd share what i've finished so far tongue.png

This is now complete, i just need to get enough fish to get a 6hr proggy! Then this should be on the SDN.


Updated picture (as of 3/6):





 - Supports all fish. 100%.

- Cooks, banks & withdraws pretty flawlessly for the stage it's in lol.

- if you run out of food script will log out and stop.

- Informative paint 

- Some antiban

- Now clicks the fire flawlessly.

- Cleaned up the code a lot and re-wrote the banking completely different then what it was, now works awesome and pretty much flawlessly. I just need to buy enough food to get a 6hr proggy with it.(i know it can run 6hrs+ easily) then i'll request a SDN upload:)


- Thinking about expanding and adding more locations. Not sure yet. let me know what you guys think!

- Maybe world hopping?

- I also need to work on clicking the fire more flawlessly. it misses sometimes. and i don't like this lol.



Let me know what you all think about this! leave me some feed back! I'll be updating this thread as this script progresses!

I'll request a SDN upload when i feel it's stable enough to release! i might even throw a dl link here when it's a bit better!

Also let me know what everyone would want to see in this script! i don't just wanna release something like every other cooking script!

Also one more thing, should this be premium or free? smile.png



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looks good...but i think the p/hr is kinda slow ? XD



edit: my bad ddnt see u burtn 227 tongue.png


Haha yeah, only account i have to test on so i have to burn sometimes lol tongue.png

A little update on this:


i improved when it clicks on the fire. it should never miss now! and i'm cleaning up the banking a bit as i post this. script should be released soon! anything anyone would like to see before release?!

So i was going for the 6hr proggy last night and went to sleep when it was at 3hrs. and something cause osbot to freeze. so i couldn't get the proggy. now i gotta fish another 4-5k lobs to get it sad.png but oh well more testing is better! so i'll update this thread when i make an SDN request! stay tuned!

Heres another little update of the changes i've made.


  • Now cooks and banks pretty flawlessly(i haven't had any errors with it)
  • updated the paint with more stuff added, including a hide option!

I am gonna add a custom run away from combat in. i will soon!


I just need to fish enough fish to get a 6 hour proggy. then i will request a SDN upload and this will be released! biggrin.png


Btw, sorry i got bored on paint so i decided to throw the horns up with osbot wink.png



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