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AIO everything, looking for member


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hey everyone, some might know me from some of my old script. I have been busy with my life and I have decided to start to script again.

Everyone can script but only a few are good at it. I am not looking for member who know programming very well. I am looking for a few who know it well enough so they can understand each other code. as well they need to think out side of the box. I'm trying to make this script as efficiency as possible.

my overall goal to understand the different way of coding. The more ways I learn the better for me,.

Task require.
web development
coding (around 2-4)
Graphical designer (built paint and code it as well)

if you only know a small amount in those task, dont worry as I will help out in all of those task


My Skype: Doout1

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Holy Mackerel ! goodluck with this

I made one before but that was before the bot nuke

this type of program require efficient code for it to run like a human.

one example, in antiban you only want to check the stat that your are training and not something else. this is very easy but how efficient it is, is a different story

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Like h ow many skills are there? 24?


This have nothing to do with the script.


If you really want to make a AIO Everything then you have to let the user make their own script with very little work on their part.

Example- addNode -> addInteraction -> "Cut" id

               addNode -> addInteraction - > drop id


The user will not even have to write much, there are mostly clicking on stuff like addNode.


Loading and Saving will be there to allow the user to load other people script and as well save their.


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